Manual Handling & Training

Manual Handling Assessment

All jobs and tasks involve manual handling, however, not all manual handling is hazardous, or risks injury. PeopleSense take a 'risk assessment' approach to ensure transfer of skills and knowledge regarding safe work practices. PeopleSense Consultants can assist clients to assess their workplace practices and determine appropriate risk control measures to protect their workers from physical injury. 

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training is imperative to ensure that employees in physical roles, understand the impact that their duties are having on their musculoskeletal functioning. The variety and impact of duties vary greatly from role to role and from worksite to worksite. Sometimes problems may relate to the load of an item e.g. lifting heavy boxes appropriately, or the repetitive nature of some tasks, e.g. continually reaching forward, or sitting in one posture for long periods.

Most manual handling training in the marketplace tends to be generic and focuses on biomechanical aspects of lifting. PeopeSense Consultants take the time to understand the physical demands of a role and tailor our training to educate participants regarding risk assessment and risk control. This means that our training is likely to directly benefit every employee within an organisation and encourage them to take personal responsibility to their own safety and physical well-being.

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