PeopleSense Values 

At the very heart of PeopleSense are our core values. They clearly demonstrate what we stand for as a company and are integral to all our services. Living the PeopleSense values allows our staff to align with the needs of our customers, our stakeholders, the wider community and with each other.


We act with honesty and integrity and build trust in each other and our clients by:

  • Supporting each other's efforts;
  • Providing feedback in a constructive way;
  • Understanding and regarding other's roles in the business;
  • Treating each professional relationship with dignity; and
  • Being agile and adaptable to company needs.



We own our behaviour, actions, and outcomes by:

  • Taking responsibility for our actions;
  • Accepting feedback with good grace;
  • Not appointing blame;
  • Striving to improve knowledge to make better decisions and provide higher quality services;
  • Understanding how your role fits into the wider scheme of the business; and
  • Delivering customer needs, even when they may be demanding.



We create competitive advantage by:

  • Continually striving for the highest standards;
  • Following through with every promise;
  • Exceeding expectations;
  • Seeing opportunities, not barriers;
  • Persisting despite setbacks; and
  • Asking questions, exercising good judgment and seeking innovation.



We improve by:

  • Collaborating with the team;
  • Being a continual learner;
  • Showing respect to the company while at work and in personal life;
  • Recognising that our goals are reached by developing relationships;
  • Building strong working relationships;
  • Being motivated and positive;
  • Showing high regard for all individual and corporate clients; and
  • Reflecting on our performance and seeking out feedback.



We work together by:

  • Recognising the importance each colleague plays in achieving the company goals;
  • Offering assistance to each other when needed;
  • Recognising the impact our mood has on colleagues and committing to a positive work environment;
  • Understanding the broader context of the industry within which we work;
  • Dynamically sharing skills and knowledge to reach company goals and mission; 
  • Identifying potential for improvements at every level; and
  • Communicating openly and honestly.