Cultural Change & Change Management

PeopleSense cultural change intervention, usually, commences with a cultural survey administered to relevant personnel within the organisation. Information gained from the survey is compiled with the aim of providing recommendations to the organisation related to areas that require development. This can involve practical internal solutions, such as internal policy development, or may require external intervention to develop the skills of the organisation, such as; training, coaching or focus groups. Cultural change assessments and interventions are supplemented with a 6-12 month follow up survey to assess the impact of the intervention.

PeopleSense provides change management services to assist organisations with the people impact of change to ensure a successful outcome for the organisation. The underlying basis of change management is that people’s capacity to change can be influenced by how change is presented to them. Their capacity to adapt to change can shrink if they misunderstand or resist the change, causing barriers and ongoing issues. The rationale is that if people understand the benefits of change, they are more likely to participate in the change and see it successfully carried out, which in turn means minimal disruption to the organisation. Examples of when a change management intervention may be appropriate include, implementing a new IT software process or implementing a new reporting structure.