Home Assessments

Home Assessments are conducted to maximise an individual’s capacity to function independently with day-to-day living, within their own home. PeopleSense provide these services to assist injured workers to remain functional in the home or as a specific and specialised service for elderly individuals, those discharged from hospital or people living with chronic conditions. Home Assessments are completed by our most experienced Occupational Therapists and Ergonomists who have demonstrated high level skills and specific interests in working in this field.

Home Assessments involve assessing the individual's function, independence and accessibility of their home. A comprehensive report including recommendations for aids, appliances or home modifications is provided and includes competitive quotes for client/ referrer reference. PeopleSense can facilitate, purchase, arrange installation and conduct a review of the home to ensure modifications are implemented correctly. We aim to maximise client satisfaction, independence and safety as a result of the intervention within the home.