The Directors

PeopleSense comprises of 2 Directors, both of whom remain ‘hands-on’ in the business.

Darrin Brandis – Director

Darrin is an experienced corporate psychologist, with decades of experience in workplace rehabilitation, learning and development, debugging teams and consulting to organisations on a range of people issues.

Darrin enjoys food from regions throughout the world (especially Malaysia) and sport. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and keeps fit by swimming and running.

Anya Stephens – Director

Anya is a distinguished, registered psychologist with a range of experience. Originally from the UK, Anya has psychological experience in education, children and families, the justice system with both offenders and Justice staff and clinical interventions with individuals. Anya also specialises in workplace rehabilitation, counselling, mediation and and developing teams within organisations.

Anya enjoys any food that someone else is prepared to cook for her (especially Indian). She spends as much time as she can with her young family and keeps fit and calm, through metabolic workouts, Pilates and Yoga.