Nutrition Support

With over two-thirds (67%) of Australian adults overweight or obese in Australia, our nutritional food intake balance is a continuing concern. Although most of us know we could improve the quality of our food intake, many are confused by conflicting nutritional advice and fads in the dieting sector.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be overly complicated, but our nutritional plan needs to fit our differing lifestyles. We offer a referral service to our nutritionist, or dietitian who provides telephone consultation, advice and nutrition programs designed to support the eating habits of everyday people, encouraging healthy options and addressing weight problems.

Also for those with more specialised issues, we can assist with gastro-intestinal problems and disordered eating.

Nutrition support is sometimes included free to clients as part of their employer's EAP package. For more information and to see if you have access to our nutrition support program contact us on 1300 307 912