What areas do you service?

WA in its entirety. We have injury management consultants and psychologists based in Perth Metro, Perth Outer, Busselton and Bunbury. Our injury management consultants fly to regional areas on a weekly to fortnightly basis and our extensive team of affiliates assist with servicing EAP clients in all regions.

PeopleSense was originally WA based but has expanded to provide the same high level of service nationally. PeopleSense now has offices and psychologists in every state.

I’ve been told that PeopleSense is our EAP provider. What does that mean?

EAP is a free, professional and confidential counselling service for all employees and may be available for your immediate family members. The service can be used for any personal or work related issues that may be impacting your general wellbeing. The number of free sessions you are entitled to will depend upon the arrangement PeopleSense has with your employer. To make an appointment, just call our office number and a friendly member of the administration team will assist and make you an appointment at your convenience. You do not need to bring anything to these appointments, unless you have medical reports and information that you think will be relevant.

Is the EAP service confidential?

YES! EAP confidentiality is guaranteed. PeopleSense is independent of your employer and under no circumstances will personal details or issues raised be released to your employer or any other agency, without your prior written consent.

My employer/insurer has told me that I’ve been assigned a PeopleSense case manager for vocational/workplace rehabilitation. What does that mean?

This means you have either been injured at work, or are having difficulties maintaining work attendance. A PeopleSense workplace rehabilitation consultant will contact you and explain the process. Your consultant will provide assistance taking into account your capacity for work, your age, experience and skills and all relevant medical information. This will mean, meeting with you and assessing your needs, liaising with your GP and treating medical specialists, your employer and any other relevant parties. Usually, the result is, a return to work plan, which will cater for your physical and emotional needs and assist your functional recovery. Our approach recognises that returning you to sustainable and durable employment is in your best interest, physically, psychologically and financially.

The initial goal of workplace rehabilitation, is to assist you to return to your pre-injury role and employer. Alternative placements are only considered if attempts for this to occur are exhausted. Workplace rehabilitation is not a confidential process and is open and transparent. Open and honest communication is important in order for our consultants to provide you with the very best care and support. We maintain regular correspondence with all parties via telephone and email updates, as well as the standard requirement for report writing.