Diversity and Specialist Helplines

PeopleSense by Altius understands that every person's life experiences and needs are unique. Sometimes these needs require a deeper understanding and specialist support. We assure our clients that no issue is too big, too small, or too diverse for our experienced team to support.

PeopleSense by Altius employs psychologists with lived experience and specialist training across a wide and diverse range of client experience. Specialist telephone support is available and arrangements can be made for face-to-face sessions, should you require help in any of the following areas.

First Nations Peoples

We employ First Nations psychologists and provisional psychologists with lived experience. We understand the mistrust of white health professionals and issues of power imbalance. All of our psychologists are sensitive to First Nations people's needs, are trained in specific cultural awareness, and apply culture-infused practice.


We employ psychologists who identify as LGBTQIA+ with lived experience. Support is offered across gender issues, gender identity, mental health, the impact of discrimination and oppression and generally assisting clients to sort out their authentic self in the face of societal and family pressures. This service extends to any general issues that a client from the LGBTQIA+ community my experience.

Trauma, PTSD and Vicarious Trauma

Using only qualified and experienced psychologists, we offer a gold standard service for those experiencing all forms of trauma. PeopleSense by Altius has the most employed psychologists trained to support trauma in the country. Our methodology and treatment provide real recovery options for those living with extreme levels of distress. This service can be offered via telehealth and face to face.

Domestic and Family Violence

We can be the first point of contact for those experiencing personal or family violence including sexual and/or physical violence. All of our psychologists are trained to use respectful methodology when working with those experiencing violence. Our aim is to empower our clients to establish their safety and then develop their personal skills and build healthy relationships in the future. Often, we will engage a community service for assistance should this be required.

Young Persons

Young people report a higher incidence of mental health difficulties than ever before. We know That 3/4 of common mental health problems emerge before the age of 25 years. We employ psychologists who specialise in evidence-based therapies with children and young people and have specially designed rooms for family therapies.

If you think your need is not met through our dedicated specialist services, please contact us on 1300 307 912 and we will be sure to find you a suitable professional who can help.