Ergonomics - Risk Assessment & Evaluation

Ergonomic Assessment

PeopleSense’s approach to ergonomics goes beyond the traditional workstation setup. PeopleSense recognises that many people suffer and are effected by injury due to poor person-environment fit at work and at home. Neglecting the risks can affect an individual’s safety and well-being, increasing injury potential. 

A PeopleSense Ergonomic Assessment involves thorough analysis of the individual's person-environment fit. This may involve a workstation assessment and set up and will also incorporate analysing such factors including:

  • The cognitive demands
  • Work tasks
  • Work pace and practices
  • Aids and appliances
  • Vehicles, machinery and equipment.

A thorough and effective Ergonomic Assessment can be complex and takes time to ensure the prevention of injury. The industry standard is to complete quick set-up checks of workstations that are, on the whole ineffective and unlikely to prevent injury. The PeopleSense way is to ensure that we add value to your organisation, by completing holistic assessments of the full role, with professional and honest feedback given in relation to your operation, work practices and correct working aids. PeopleSense pride ourselves on our ability to make valid and cost effective recommendations regarding elimination of unsafe work practices and modifications that can be made to existing furniture and equipment. Should the provision of new aids, furniture, tools and equipment be indicated, recommendations made are always thoroughly researched, competitively priced and only indicated when provision of such equipment will enhance the workers safety, productively and minimise risk of injury.

Ergonomic Training

The PeopleSense approach to training is to ensure that it is tailored to the needs of the organisation and is likely to improve standards. Our ergonomics training is designed to assist workers to understand their physical functioning and the importance of following good ergonomic practice to prevent injury and maintain their well-being. PeopleSense ergonomic training is holistic in its content and recognises that a whole persons functioning, both at work and home, must be considered e.g. an employee who is required to undertake a significant amount of squatting with weights, who also loves to play basketball in the evenings, may be at risk of overloading and therefore at risk of injury; or an office worker, who sits all day at a desk and is similarly sedentary at home, may be as risk from postural and general health issues.

For more information on Ergonomic Assessments, please contact PeopleSense on 1300 307 912.