How to Get the Most Out of Your EAP Services in Australia

Mental Health

Woman who has accessed her workplace EAP services speaking with a psychologist.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are well utilised in some organisations and not so much in others. Sometimes, staff aren’t aware of all the services available to them. Many believe these programs are for counselling only and don’t realise the benefits they can gain from the health and wellbeing services.

What’s Included in EAP Services? 

Employee assistance programs are made up of a range of different services that work to assist the mental and physical health of employees.

Psychological Services

Most, if not all employee assistance programs that are out there, include psychological and counselling services to help people address problems they may be facing in the workplace or at home, including:

  • Anxiety and worry

  • Depression and low mood

  • Relationship concerns

  • Conflict

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Grief

  • Anger

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Drug and/or alcohol problems

  • Career transition

The main difference between providers lies in the individuals or partner organisations that are conducting psychology and counselling services. At Altius Group, we believe it’s important to only use qualified psychologists to deliver the relevant services. Other providers may use counsellors who don’t have the same level of education and qualification as a psychologist. These psychologists are available 24/7 to those who have access to an EAP through Altius Group.

Health and Wellbeing Support Services

An impactful and meaningful health and wellbeing strategy is important for any business to adopt. By providing health and wellbeing support services, EAPs can work to help keep employees safe from chronic illness. Depending on the EAP, people may have access to professionals such as nutritionists and exercise physiologists, as well as financial coaches, who are able to assist employees in stressful financial situations.

Not every employee wants or needs individual assistance when it comes to their health or wellbeing. They want to take charge of their health but enjoy resources and tools that support them in realising their health potential. AltiusLife, which is an app that works to help improve your overall health and lifestyle, includes the following resources:

  • Articles, videos, and recipes.

  • The ability to set goals and measure progress.

  • Rewards for tracking progress and learning.

  • Sharing content with friends and groups. 

  • Parenting tools, employee support information and more.

Manager Support Services

Being a manager or supervisor comes with the responsibility of managing people. Whether you’re new to this role or you’re a veteran, there may be times when you aren’t sure of the best way to handle a situation. With a focus on professional support, PeopleSense provides specialist assistance to management, which helps managers to deal with and address a range of issues.

A psychologist can provide advice and support to a manager who may have a staff member who is struggling with a personal issue, how to manage poor performance, or conflict between employees. There are situations that a manager faces everyday that can cause them stress or anxiety because they don’t have experience in how best to handle it. With some advice, they will have the confidence to deal with it.

EAPs Aren’t Just For Staff

Many employers choose to make EAP services available to family members. If a partner or child of an employee needs access to psychological services, the employee has peace of mind knowing their family member won’t have to access a private service which may have a long wait list or cause financial hardship to attend appointments. EAP services are free for all employees and their immediate family.

Keep the EAP Top of Mind

Out of sight out of mind is true, even for free services. EAP services are well utilised in organisations where staff are reminded to take advantage of the program. They see the contact information on their intranet, in staff communications, and on posters in break areas.

When HR or a manager is informed of a staff member taking leave for bereavement, relationship breakdown or stress, they can contact the staff member and provide them with the phone number of the EAP to make an appointment. The more often employees are reminded about the confidential service, the more likely they are to use it.


Employees can feel reassured that no personal data or issues raised during counselling sessions is passed on to the employer or any other party without their consent, unless there is concern for a person’s safety and wellbeing. Again, remind staff that any information they say to the psychologist won’t be passed on to anyone else.   

It's important to know how to make the most of your Employee Assistance Program, whether you're an employee that has access or a manager looking to offer these services within your organisation. Call 1800 258 487 or contact us online to learn more.